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1. A descriptive catalogue of the medieval and Renaissance manuscripts of the University of Notre Dame and Saint Mary's College ; University of Notre Dame Press / Gura, David Turco / 2016
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. Ein Leben in Barmherzigkeit : die Genese des Johanniterordens und das Weiterleben der Ordensstatuten bei den Souveränen Maltesern / Weigand, Barbara Maria [VerfasserIn] / März 2016
. Die Anwendung des Reifegradmodells der Führung nach Hersey und Blanchard auf Außendienst-Teams. : Welche Führungsstile eignen sich hierbei besonders? / Wilhelm-Moraweck, Kerstin [VerfasserIn] / 2018 Digitalisat
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. Familiar Text and the Missing-Letter Effect / Greenberg, Seth; Tai, Joanna / 2000
. The hippocampus supports both recollection and familiarity when memories are strong / Smith, Christine N.; Wixted, John T.; Squire, Larry R. / 2011
. Behavioral/Systems/Cognitive The Hippocampus Supports Both Recollection and Familiarity When Memories Are Strong / Christine N. Smith; John T. Wixted; Larry R. Squire
. Behavioral/Systems/Cognitive The Hippocampus Supports Both Recollection and Familiarity When Memories Are Strong / Christine N. Smith; John T. Wixted; Larry R. Squire
. The impact of familiarization strategies on the missing-letter effect / Plamondon, Andréanne; Roy-Charland, Annie; Chamberland, Justin; Quenneville, Joannie; Laforge, Christian / 2017
. The neural system that mediates familiarity memory / Montaldi, Daniela; Spencer, Tom J.; Roberts, Neil; Mayes, Andrew R. / 2006
. Psychosomatic Symptoms in Primary Care Health and Correlation with Killed/Missing Familiar During the Last War (1998/1999) in Kosovo / Maxhuni, Bekrije / 2018
. The Misse familiares: Aspects of Parisian Usage in Early Sixteenth-Century Printed Liturgical Books / Long, Sarah Ann / 2005
. Missing Data ; Five Practical Guidelines / Newman, Daniel A. / 2014
. DSM-5: A missed opportunity or a possible classification? ; DSM-5: oportunidade perdida ou classificação possível? / Morgado, Pedro / 2015
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