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21. Comparison Between Industrial-Urban and Rural Particle Stations in a Ceramic Cluster (NE, Spain) [Elektronische Daten] / Vicente, Ana
22. The effects of geographic expansion on the productivity of Spanish savings banks [Elektronische Daten] / Illueca, Manuel
23. Distribution of Cd, Ni, Cr, and Pb in Amended Soils from Alicante Province (SE, Spain) [Elektronische Daten] / Pardo, Francisco
24. RETRACTED ARTICLE: Mobility of Cadmium Through the Profile of a Calcareous Mine Spoil Substratum Treated with Sewage Sludge Used in Restoration of Limestone Quarries [Elektronische Daten] / Pardo, Francisco
25. Toxic Metals (As, Cd, Ni and Pb) and PM2.5 in Air Concentration of a Model Ceramic Cluster [Elektronische Daten] / Vicente, Ana
26. Chloride absorption in salt‐sensitive Carrizo citrange and salt‐tolerant Cleopatra mandarin citrus rootstocks is linked to water use [Elektronische Daten] / Moya, José Luís
27. Antagonistic Changes between Abscisic Acid and Gibberellins in Citrus Fruits Subjected to a Series of Different Water Conditions [Elektronische Daten] / Mahouachi, Jalel
28. Abscisic Acid Reduces Leaf Abscission and Increases Salt Tolerance in Citrus Plants [Elektronische Daten] / Gómez-Cadenas, Aurelio
29. Hydrogel substrate amendment alleviates drought effects on young citrus plants [Elektronische Daten] / Arbona, Vicent
30. Adjacency in subposets of the lattice of T 1-topologies on a set [Elektronische Daten] / Alas, Ofelia T.
31. Carbohydrate Depletion in Roots and Leaves of Salt-Stressed Potted Citrus clementina L [Elektronische Daten] / Arbona, Vicent
32. Membrane transporters and carbon metabolism implicated in chloride homeostasis differentiate salt stress responses in tolerant and sensitive Citrus rootstocks [Elektronische Daten] / Brumós, Javier
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